Premiere Pro Benchmark 4--PPBM4
   Copyright By Bill Gehrke 2009 ©
Hardware Characteristics

Mac problems

Problems with implementing a version that  could run  on Apple's Macintosh with the native MAC  OS!

  • I do not have access to a MAC.
  • I have never owned a MAC.
  • Ihave never used a MAC
  • A MAC owner voluteered his services and these are the problems.

  • There are major differences between Premiere Pro CS4 for Windows and for Macintosh with OS X  in what effects are available, available features like the film count down leader and most significantly:
  • It does not have the capability to export the Timeline as an AVI file.  This is the heart of the disk intensive testing in all the PPBM benchmarks.
  • It also would require a rewrite of the data collection script from the current Microsoft Visual Basic Script language to (probably) a Java based script and since I am heavy on hardware and extremely weak on writing scripts would be another major complication.

All that said I have received results from the previous PPBM+ version on a MAC running the Windows version

Updated 9/11/2009